Eye Physicians Medical / Surgical Center  

Our practice values your trust in our eyecare services. We strive to provide the most sophisticated technology and solutions to our patients, and are committed to providing you with all the options and information available.


Our full-time medical staff includes Board Certified Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. Together, they perform comprehensive eye exams, treat eye injuries and infections, and provide a full range of surgical services.
In addition, they each bring specialty expertise to the Center that benefits you by providing a ready source of consulting specialists within the field of ophthalmology.

Many professionals participate in your eye examination. An ophthalmic technician may perform initial tests and obtain information about your medical history and eye problems. An optometrist measures your need for corrective lenses. An ophthalmologist examines the exterior and interior of your eyes, evaluates the results of your initial tests, determines your diagnosis and recommends treatment if needed.

Our Optical Department offers convenient, experienced help for patients needing new contact lenses or eyeglasses. Opticians provide services in fitting contact lenses, selecting frames and assuring satisfaction with your new eyewear.

Advanced diagnostic tests may be scheduled depending on the results of your eye examination. These state-of-the-art studies provide additional, detailed information that is beneficial in planning the most appropriate course of treatment for your particular needs.

Outpatient eye surgery includes small incision cataract removal with foldable lens replacement, YAG and argon laser surgery, glaucoma surgery, corneal transplants, retinal surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and LASIK / Laser Vision Correction.